Superb, beautiful food, great smoothies, lovely nursery, staff, very well. laid out spacious table areas.
Dina L Avatar
Dina L.
If you want to get someone a special present or meet for brunch/lunch, its a wonderful place. Friendly and helpful... read more
Samantha Durney Avatar
Samantha D.
Had a wonderful coffee and slice of cheesecake this morning. The gift shop is fantastic and would defiantly send me... read more
Melissa K Avatar
Melissa K.
Cafe was great. Amazing Scones with Jam and Cream. The gardens are fun to walk around.
JOEL Avatar
Cafe was great. Amazing Scones with Jam and Cream. The gardens are fun to walk around.
5 star ratingOne of my favourites Love this place, always a regular stop when I’m down the coast. Cafe staff are friendly and welcoming the menu... read more
EC181 Avatar
Awesome array of stuff on sale for the home and garden, AND it has a great cafe/restaurant for morning/afternoon teas... read more
Ian Craig Marshall Avatar
Ian C.
My wife and I visited here a couple of days ago. They have a large range of plants and trees... read more
Dragomir Bozic Avatar
Dragomir B.
Five Star Nursery and Coffee Experience. I met a client for a business catchup and we enjoyed the ambience and... read more
Ronel Langley Avatar
Ronel L.
5 star ratingTake a bow! Well, what a gem! My husband and I stopped in for lunch and have come away thoroughly sated! David had... read more
230anastasiab Avatar
Fabulous food. Try the Nourish Bowl with pickled strawberries. Never had them before and they were truly a taste sensation
Lesley Watson Avatar
Lesley W.
I love Van Loons. Such a lovely set up in the garden for a catch up. Great service, great food.
Lee Osborne Avatar
Lee O.
Love coming here. The table service cafe is a favorite of ours and as an avid gardener and amateur horticulturalist,... read more
Duncan Maxwell Avatar
Duncan M.
Always a pleasure to shop at Van Loons. Great service and range of goods. Cafe excellent.
Jenny Graham Avatar
Jenny G.
Beautiful meals and friendly service. A little expensive, but very large serves. We had the eggs benedict, squid salad and... read more
Jay McCormack Avatar
Jay M.
Experience rated high. The plant choices available were excellent. The diverse gift shop catered for a wide range of... read more
Loisrae Rae Avatar
Loisrae R.
Thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to Van Loons nursery, cafe & amazing gift shop! Delicious meals, drinks and excellent service.... read more
Lisa Todaro Avatar
Lisa T.
Great variety od plants with helpful, friendly staff and delicious Cafe.
Tony Coleman Avatar
Tony C.
One if the best anywhere! Plants, Decor, restaurant, all gardening needs. A Must for a visit!
Ken Jolly Avatar
Ken J.
Beautiful nursery and so many plants and other items to buy
blu3 n0s3d fr13nd Avatar
blu3 n.
One of the best nursery's we have been to in a long time.
Ross Holcombe Avatar
Ross H.
5 star ratingcome for the garden, stay for the food! We went here for our one year anniversary, it was so nice to be surrounded by the plants and our... read more
aliceerror404 Avatar
Always quality in service, produce and food. Well done.
Neil Lovett Avatar
Neil L.
Stunning nursery great food in and household.items amazing...staff are lovely and very this place.
Meryll Smith Avatar
Meryll S.
Great nursery, very healthy plants.
Had lunch in the restaurant, food was very nice. Word of warning, ...
read more
Gerald Sidebottom Avatar
Gerald S.
The nursery, the gift shop, the Cafe....all equally well organised. Very expensive in comparison, but the quality is... read more
Leah Avatar
5 star ratingMy mum's and my special place We love visiting here. The coffee is always perfect. The meals are to die for and the service is always... read more
uterzorker Avatar
I love a cafe in a nursery! Had lunch and bought a couple of indoor plants we plan on slowly... read more
John Watts Avatar
John W.
The support team were very helpful and friendly. Great range of plants and pots that were great value. It was... read more
Neville Pearce Avatar
Neville P.
This Nursery is a Garden Oasis in the middle of nowhere in Geelong.

What a hidden Gem.

All plants are also well...
read more
Taiitsukun F Avatar
Taiitsukun F.